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Mullins Farrier Podcast

Welcome to the Mullins Farrier Podcast where I will sit down and converse with the superstars, the overachievers, the masters of our craft. Each episode will be a deep dive into the personal philosophies, their habits, the tools they use and the secrets to, not only their success but overcoming failure as well. This podcast is for all of you out there who share my passion for the job and the desire to always improve. These interviews will put you in touch with the inner workings of the role models that we all want to emulate. Let’s get to it….

Oct 12, 2019

Live from the Ontario Farriers Convention in Orangeville Ontario, September 2019

Barney Cummings APF has been a horseshoer for over 40 years and has travelled extensively to do his craft including a time as the team farrier for Team Canada.

Barney is a member of the Foot for Thought team and has endeavoured to educate horse owners over the years. In serving his passion for ongoing education, Barney has produced a series of web-hosted educational videos to inform the horse enthusiast. Barney is a member of the AAPF and the AFA and the OFA and takes advantage of the continuing education opportunities these associations provide.

Barney was one of the first farriers in Ontario to set up a multi-farrier practice. He now works with his son but at one time had many members to his practice which is the main focus of this episode.

What you might not know is that Barney is also a recording artist and obviously a multi-talented fellow. I have learned a lot from the interview and hope you do too. Enjoy!