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Mullins Farrier Podcast

Welcome to the Mullins Farrier Podcast where I will sit down and converse with the superstars, the overachievers, the masters of our craft. Each episode will be a deep dive into the personal philosophies, their habits, the tools they use and the secrets to, not only their success but overcoming failure as well. This podcast is for all of you out there who share my passion for the job and the desire to always improve. These interviews will put you in touch with the inner workings of the role models that we all want to emulate. Let’s get to it….

Jul 17, 2023

Welcome everyone. Today's guest, Mike Nale CJF,  was one of the really cool folks I got to hang out with in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Every time I've crossed paths with Mike, I've been impressed with his wisdom and his willingness to share it. Mike is the type of fellow you can get into a deep conversation with whether it's about the definition of a club foot or the much-underappreciated television series Justified. Mike will have his opinions and some well thought out arguments to back them up but as you'll hear in the interview, he's also willing to change his mind if new evidence is compelling enough to do so. I guarantee you that by the end of this interview, you'll probably want to spend some time with this gentleman. I know I'm looking forward to the next time we get to hang out. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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